Is it vegan?


Is it edible?


Is it a chocolate?

No, it’s not

Why should I use this product?

Because this product gives you freedom and flexibility to work . You can works days without worrying about it drying or melting.

Where can I use this product?

On a structural based cakes or bustcakes for any three dimensional cakes

Can I make topper out of it?

No, the purpose of this cake is for sculpting cakes or structural cakes or carved cakes

Does humidity effects this product?

No it highly humidity resistant’s.

Can I use air brush colors on it?

Yes, you can use water based and alcohol based too

Can I paint with gel color?

Yes, absolutely sinces it’s not a chocolate based product. You can use even gel colour to paint

Can I sheet this product?

Yes, you can sheet like any other fondant .. but use corn flour for dusting

Does it blend well?

The so purpose of this product is to create a clay kind of a product which can blend with out water or anything but still gives you loads of time to work.